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Aquarius Immabe Trouble

Arlon's Indy Anna Jones

Atlantic's Thunder Road At Ghoststone

Bandalier Alakazam Of Woebegone

Barra's Saturday Knight Special CGC TKN

Barton Creeks Night Moves

Beechcroft Midnight Rose's Baccara

Belgold A Shore Thing For Montview RN 

Belledin's Wannastay The Cowboy Kid

Bellwether Paradocs Valley Vista

Belquest Conclusion No Limit Poker

Belquest Deep Run Easy Peasy

Big Skys Augustus JH

Blackthorn Hailstorm CGC

Briarwood's Eye On The Prize

Brighton Branchwatr Victoria's One And Only Vivian

Candyview's Harvest Moon

Casbar's A Hart Act To Follow JH

Casbar's Hart To Hart CD BN RN JH

Castlecary's Sir Dillon Mountain Bear

Chambray Miss Molly May

Chambrays Celestial N Counter

Chambrays Duke Destined For Greatness CGC

Chambrays Midnight Delta Lady CGC

Chambrays Tank'D On The Boulevard

Chambrays Tucker Everlasting CGC

Chambrays The Tradition Continues

Danbridge Henry J

Davris Tabatha's Dutch

Deep Run Lemon Squeezy Of Kaleef

Dogwood Cool Mkt Run

Double Dutch Raised On Rock 'N Roll JH

Edlyn Maidstone I Like The Sound Of That

Empress Risky Business RN

Epoch's Moccasin Joe

Evergreens Mako The Land Shark TKN

Everso's Elephants & Flowers JH

Everso's Toein' The Line JH

Everso's Who's Pimpin Who JH

Fairlane Hickory Branch At Paradocs

Firewater's Vacation From Bella Mare

Foxrush See The Stars

Frakari's Kool As Kiefer

Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble

Gingerbred Party Animal

Glacieridge Tabatha's Granite

Grampian Up On The Roof Top CGC TKN

Harlequin That Thing You Do

Hiview's Blue Moon

Honey Hollow's Whiskey River

Jessmor's Juno

Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise JH

Labslanding Of A Pilgrim Over The Ocean Blue CGC

Lakeside Fairlane Darcee

Lakeside Memoir Of Gallivant CGC TKN

Loretta Labs Persistence Of Memory

Mainland Little Ricky Ricardo

Marstad Cherry Wheat CGC

Nipntuck Stocking Stuffer

Northern Lights Hit Me With A King

Paradocs Obsidian

Paradocs Regina Dolorem

Paradocs True Grit

Piccadilly's A Shade Darker

Potomac Falls Key Largo JH

Quailchase Char-Don G. I. Joe CGC

Rancho's Coast To Coast @ Willcare

Red Del Sandal Time On the Dock

Remingtons Borador Baboo

Ridgeview Farms Treasure

Robnie Home For The Holidays

Robnie's Net Asset

Robnie's Pumped Up Kix DJ DN

Robnie's The Shoo Must Go On DJ

Rosewater 24 THD

Rosewater Babalu

Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble

Salty's Surfer Girl Of Tampa Bay JH

Sandia's Polar Bear

Sapelo Slugger

Scifi's Alter Ego

Shadowglen Last Call

Shalimar's The Animator

Show Dens Shadow Fox

Simerdowns Eclipse

Simerdown's Gallatin

Simerdowns Odin

Splash's Scootin' On The Waves

Splash's Tabatha Norman

Sunnydaze Running Across The Miles JH

Tabatha's Sunfest Decker

Tampa Bay & Eagle Pond's Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Tampa Bay & Eagle Pond's Roman Affair

Tampa Bay & Snobo Gusty Seas Batten Down The Hatch

Tande First Lady Of Song

Thornwood's Dressed To Thrill

Trendmaker's Make You Wish

Van Dalen Show Dens Top Gun

Watercross Deville

Willcare To Fly Under The Radar RN

Ybr Polar Vortex

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