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NOTICE: Date Last Edited 02/16/22

All potential owners of a Chambray Labrador are directed to this page to read and understand our Placement Process and Guarantees.
By proceeding with the purchase of  a Chambray Labrador,
the new owners understand and agree to all the Guarantees and Stipulations
set forth on this page.

We recommend that the new owners make a copy of
these stipulations for their records. 

We *place* place our puppies where/with whom we feel they
will thrive in a loving family situation and contribute
to the betterment of the breed.

Health Testing Information

Prior to breeding, we determine whether a dog is to be considered for the breeding program based on multiple available tests and observable results.


  1. DNA tests

  • are available for over 200 conditions, maladies, and dog diseases.

  • Dogs can be Affected, Carriers, or Clear.

  • By using these DNA tests on all potential breeding program candidates, by performing these valuable tests, we can then determine which sires and dams to use for breeding that will produce puppies that will not be Affected.


   2. Radiology (X-rays)

  • There is no DNA marker for hips and elbows.

  • X-rays of the hips and elbow joints determine whether a dog has the potential for the breeding program.

  • The X-rays aim to determine if those joints appear to be genetically normal to reduce the risk of producing genetically poor hip or elbow dysplasia in future generations. 

  • Dysplasia is a condition caused by an abnormal growth of tissue, cells, joint, or bones.

  • Many factors can affect dysplasia, such as developmental, accidents, trauma, nutrition deficiencies, over-supplementation, genetics, and other environmental conditions.

  • X-rays can be sent to the OFA, PennHip, or other radiology services to be graded. Grades include Excellent, Good, Fair, Borderline, Mild, Moderate, Severe, or with some organizations as PASSING/NOT PASSING.

  • Dogs with Mild, Moderate, or Severe that can be determined to be genetically induced should never be considered for breeding. 

  • Dogs with passing conformational and functional hips/elbows, when bred together,

will produce 95% passing results with their offspring, which means that there may be some percentage that will NOT PASS Certification as many factors play a part

with hip and elbow development.

Until we have DNA tests available for hips/elbows, which should result in 100% results,

we will continue to use radiology to determine which dogs will be used for breeding.




All the newest scientific studies more than prove that spaying and neutering

is detrimental to a dog's health, with cancer rates going through the roof with dogs that have been spayed or neutered. 





beyond 100%

See UC Davis Results For Spaying & Neutering!




Regardless of what your pet care professional tells/sells you or what the

animal radical terrorist/activist groups proclaim/propaganda, we go by what

testing has proven 1000%, it is not in the best interest of our dogs! There is no room for discussion. If you have a different, erroneous opinion, then stop reading, as I will not place a puppy and sentence it to an early death or crippling condition.


I am very adamant about the preceding and will not place one of my puppies with anyone that is dead-set........without considering the health

ramification ofspaying and neutering.


Click UC Davis icon for report

*Health Warrantees

This is a MUST:

Veterinarian Examination Within 72 Hours

After Taking Possession of Puppy

So, plan ahead when picking up a puppy at Chambray Acres to have the puppy examined by your vet within 72 hours!

Once the new owner's vet examines the puppy and finds it to be in perfect health, that it is free and clear of disease, illnesses, and parasites....... any such occurrence that takes place after that official examination will be the responsibility and

the expense of the new owner.


The new owner MUST have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian at his/her expense within 3 days of taking possession of the puppy.


If upon said examination, the puppy is found to have a congenital birth defect or severe health condition, worms or parasites, it must be reported to from the veterinarian’s office at the time of diagnoses, with information pertaining to the condition found.



Unless there is a dire emergency that involves a "life or death situation" for the puppy or dog, no treatments are to be made until having consulted with Sandy Herzon, and then one of the following will happen as decided by Sandy Herzon/Chambray Labradors.


(A) conditions for the return to the breeder will be made as soon as possible without any treatment or medical procedures performed on the said puppy. Upon return of the puppy, a full refund of the price paid for the Puppy will be returned to the purchaser, plus the cost of the veterinarian’s examination not to exceed $65. Only the specified cost (up to and not exceeding $65) of the exam will be covered; the refund will cover no treatment, No medications, and No Procedures upon the immediate return of the puppy.




(B) Upon conferring with the diagnosing Vet, the breeder, V. Sandy Herzon, might authorize treatment by the Vet. and take responsibility for the costs of the specified treatment that falls under the guarantee. It will be Sandy Herzon's decision, either A or B or the new owner may opt for the following C, at the new owner's responsibility, and the new owner accepts all costs incurred from that moment on.


C - the puppy may be treated by the owner at their cost, thus releasing V. Sandy Herzon of any further responsibilities.

In other words, by authorizing the vet to perform any treatments/procedures, the new owner will knowingly VOID this part of the Health Guarantee and therefore take all responsibility for their decision from that moment forth.


As stated above, all subsequent treatments and medications will be the owner's responsibility once they decide on Option C. By deciding on Option C, the new owner releases Sandy Herzon from any and all conditions that may arise.·


This 72-hour refund guarantee time does not cover accidents, broken bones, bites, lacerations, mauling, swallowed items or any other condition, including accidental death. Any and All accidental conditions are the responsibilities of the new owner.


Genetic & Structural Guarantees On Show Prospect Puppies/Dogs


applies to those puppies placed as Show Prospects!

*Does not apply to the functioning Pet/Companion Puppies/Dogs*

Hips and/or Elbows Not Naturally Passing OFA
Must resubmit a new set of X-Rays 9 months later, following a supplementation regime as detailed by Chambray Labradors for the guarantee to be acted upon.



The DNA Guarantee is ONLY for AFFECTED cases of



Hips/Elbows not passing OFA, PRA Affected, EIC Affected,

CNM Affected

are the only genetic occurrences

covered if the dog is indeed being actively participating at the dog shows with a minimum of 12 AKC dog shows attended*.


No other genetic anomaly is covered as there are hundreds/thousands of possible conditions beyond

any control that can occur. 

If the parents do not have the condition, it is totally out of our control or responsibility.

********ADDED January 25th 2022********

Dogs that have had accidents, have been injured, or suffered traumatic conditions are 100% the responsibility of the owners and are not covered by any guarantee or warranty by

Chambray Labradors or V. Sandy Herzon.

The hips and elbow guarantee does not cover X-rays of hips and elbows submitted after one of the above accidents, injuries, or trauma-induced events. 



Dogs bred accidentally or intentionally will no longer be covered in the guarantees. 

All dogs bred by Chambray and placed by Chambray must have the 'Chambray' prefix in their official AKC name.

Otherwise, all guarantees are null and void. If the new owners erase the Chambray name from the AKC papers and the dog doesn't have the prefix Chambray as part of its official AKC name, all guarantees are VOID. 


No replacement on Pet/Companion dogs that are functional as pets.



The Guarantee is for the REPLACEMENT of the original Show Prospect dog.

A dog of the equal purchase price will be available within one year.

Owners may trade up for dogs of higher purchase value by supplying the difference in the price of the original dog.

The Replacement Dog is placed with a Pick Puppy back from females replaced, and 2 Stud Services back from male dogs returned.


The original dog must be returned intact with all registration and health records.

Chambray has the option to allow the owner to keep the original dog.


There is no refund of money on any dog,

regardless of the situation.


*Return To Breeder Guarantee


The puppy/dog will always have a home back with the breeder. If for any reason the new owners are unable to keep the puppy or dog, the breeder is to be notified and arrangements are to be made to deliver the dog to the breeder as soon as possible.


All AKC papers, rabies tags and medical records are to be returned to the breeder at the time of return.


Once the dog is surrendered it will be 100% up to Chambray Labradors Management Program to determine the eventual living arrangements with the dog.


There are no refunds for a returned, rescue/relocation.

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