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Before viewing our stellar lineup of AKC Champion Stud Dogs,
please read the following:
Thank you for visiting Chambray Labs Quick Version Site and for considering one of our top producing stud dogs to complement your female. Our entire mission is the Betterment of the Breed and with that in mind, we have several considerations for each of the breedings that we are involved with. 
  • * Pedigree Analysis - Before accepting a female for stud service we would like to approve of the breeding by viewing a pedigree which will tell us if there is anything in that pedigree and that of the intended stud dog's pedigree that may not set well with the production of a litter.​
  • ​* Clearances - There are several conditions that are very detrimental to the breed. As breeders, we now have excellent tools to use that will vastly improve the chances for the healthiest puppies possible. Hip & Elbow X-Rays are a must to determine the condition of the breeding stock. DNA markers are now available for certain maladies that can afflict our Labradors. The 2 most prevalent conditions that a DNA test will indicate are for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and
    Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC).​
  • As a minimum, we ask prospective female owners to have their dogs X-Rayed for hips & elbows and also to have DNA tests done for PRA & EIC.
  • The Stud Service Contract is simple and straight forward, we will work with you to produce the best puppies possible by working out a fair arrangement for the stud service fee. That is all detailed on the Stud Service Contract page.​​
  • If you have any further questions, always feel free to contact us via email at 
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