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What perfect side gate looks like


Point A is the forward most reach at the perfect 45degrees, with the footfall as close to the ground for maximum efficiency. B is the rearmost point of the front leg underneath the body. The distance A to B is the length of stride for Front Reach.


Point C is the forward most spot of rear-drive underneath the body, D is the rearmost point of the drive, with the back of the pads of the foot visible from behind, with the hock joint still cocked and not hyper-extended. CD is the length of stride for Rear Drive which is kicking back at the prescribed 45 degrees.


AB = CD that is as perfect a 50/50 between Front Reach & Rear Drive


BC is the point of convergence of Front Reach & Rear Drive. The black arrow above shows that the convergence is precisely at the end of the rib cage.


The cadence for the two legs in the forward stroke is as perfect as can be, both are at the exact spot on the ground while the two opposite legs in retrograde are at the same height off the ground........... PERFECT CADENCE!


The Top Line from withers to croup is perfectly LEVEL! The Croup drops down at the perfect 20 degrees down to the tail set. The tail is carried at the ideal level aiding the dog in its forward motion in the flowing line as called for by the breed standard. 


The neck rises strongly with a moderate arch allowing the head to be carried above the withers where the point of the muzzle is precisely at the forward most stroke of front reach foot!

What perfect Rear & Front movement looks like

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