On this page you will find the Stud Dog Contract.
Please email us for a printable contract that can also be filed for your records.
Signed Contract must accompany Stud Service Fee 


**New Stud Service Contract**
{effective MARCH 2021}
In order to help out in this down-turned economy and make it easier on
dam owners, we have revised the form of payment.

  • Instead of full payment before shipping of semen, we will now accept half the stud fee upfront before we ship the 1st shipment out.
  • The balance of the stud service fee is due no later than 3 days after litter birth.

This will give the dam owner ample time to collect deposits on the puppies born.

**Terms of Stud Service Contract**
 AKC Champions
1400 (paid in full) before breeding takes place
or at the time of the side-by-side breeding for all AKC champions.
$1500 if paid half up front and a half after the litter is born
AKC Grand & Bronze Gr Champions
Option #1: Stud Service Fees if paid in full at the time of breeding is $1500
Option #2: Or total $1600 if paying  1/2 payment upfront ($800),
2nd 1/2 payment ($800)within 3 days of litter birth* 
For AKC Silver  Grand Champions
AKC SILVER Gr Champions are $1800 if paying upfront in full or
$950 at the time of breeding and $950 within 3 days of litter birth
*We require notification of litter birth and number of puppies born within 
48 hours of litter birth or all guarantees are VOID and
no-repeat breedings are offered
For International Champions
$1100 for our International Champion stud dogs in our
Stud Dog Program at the time of breeding
or $1300 with 1/2 payment at breeding, 1/2 payment after litter birth*
We require 24 hours' notice to collect and ship out.

Chambray Labradors will provide:
  • Two AI Side-By-Side Breeding or 
  • 2 Semen Collections to be Shipped

Dam Owner Provides the Following:
  • 2 AI Kits/Containers w/Extenders or 
  • Uses our boxes for $25 and extenders for $25 
  • Dam owner covers the shipping costs with FedEx. 
  • Dam owner is responsible for the shipment and collecting from FedEx if the shipment is delayed or lost
  • Dam owner is responsible for all costs involved in breeding, AI's and vet costs

A third collection & shipment can be arranged for an additional
$250 for the collection.
Dam owner provides AI Kits/Containers & Semen Extenders
& shipping costs for 3rd collection.

  • Chambray Labradors guarantee 2 live birth puppies for the full stud service fee.
  • We must be notified by email or recorded phone message of litter birth within 48 hours of litter birth for guarantees to be in effect.
  • We must be notified by the 64th day after the 1st breeding if no litter was born for guarantees to be in effect.
  • Breeding Option #1: If only 1 puppy is born or no puppies are born, then a repeat breeding within 1 year will be provided with the dam owner paying for the shipping of semen, shipping boxes and semen extenders. The balance of the stud service fee and the cost of the box and semen extender must be paid before the shipping of semen.
  • Breeding Option #2: If only 1 puppy is born or no puppies are born, then the dam owner has the option of ending the Stud Dog Contract with the initial 50% payment already paid.
  • The repeat breeding concludes the terms for the stud fees collected.
  • There is no repeat on the repeat breeding. 
  • There are no refunds, full or partial once semen has been collected and shipped.
Email us at chambraylabradors@yahoo.com
for a printable contract form for your email files

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