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Welcome To Chambray Labradors
Chambray Labradors AKC Breeder of Merit

Chambray Labradors, the ONLY Florida Labrador Breeder
Now, with the required 60 AKC Champions & and at least
40 AKC Performance Titled Dogs 
now eligible for 


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AKC Champion
Stud Dogs
Produce Champion
at Heart Puppies

The best puppies in health, soundness, temperament, and conformation

come from our long-established AKC PLATINUM Breeder Of Merit.

Chambray Labradors is that
*AKC PLATINUM Breeder Of Merit*

with 80 AKC Champions & over 100 Performance titles since 1993.

*It takes 60 AKC Chs and 40 performance titles for the AKC  Platinum Breeder Of Merit*

For more than 30 years, Florida's AKC #1 Champion Labrador breeder

w/81 AKC Home-Bred Champions

3 New AKC Champions for 2023!!!


In the last ten years, the #1 Labrador Champion Breeder USA
with 57 new AKC Home-Bred Champions in those ten years.

 InfoDog Champion's Winners & Bragging Rights Page 



The #1 USA AKC Grand Champion Labrador Breeder with the most

GrChampions {7} in the  AKC Lifetime TOP 100 GrChampions Rankings

All prospective puppy owners must go through an interview process.

All puppies must be picked up in person.

NO SHIPPING of unseen puppies.

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