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We breed for Top Show Quality
however, in each litter there is a range of puppies
starting with Companion/Pet upwards to Top Show Prospect  Status 



We invite all those searching for a puppy to come and visit us at Chambray Acres where we have been raising, training and showing Labradors for 50 years.

Prices range from $3000 for Companion/Pet

Show Prospects from $3200 to $4500* (In-State) $4000 to $5500 (Out of State)

All puppies come with a Free Training Package according to grade.

  • Show Prospects Lifetime Free Night Class Training {at our home/farm at regularly scheduled night classes}

  • Show Prospects Lifetime Free Private By-Appointment Training {during available business weekday hours}

  • All Puppies Lifetime Free Support System via E-mail and/or in-person {during available business weekday hours}

  • All Puppies Free AKC's CGC Training & Testing 5-week Course

  • All Puppies Free AKC Microchip

  • Significant discounts on all professional services are offered through Professional K-9 Services Inc.

  • Possible Participation in our Chambray Owners Programs, including the Dog Show Management Program, the Stud Dog Management Program, the Puppy Placement Program, and others.





Chambray Labradors top AKC Breeder Of Merit

Producing the best puppies comes from our 4-plus decades of involvement with just one breed of dog, the Labrador Retriever. Unlike the thousands of weekend, hobby breeders, we at Chambray Labradors are professionals in all that we do with Labradors.


We stand behind each and every puppy and dog produced by our unique Puppy Placement Program.

Our warranties are iron-clad and un-equaled at the highest levels of producing top quality show dogs. 


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