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All puppies born and raised in their mother's home,
which means that none are born in a breeding kennel-environment!

We have provided lots of information that can be accessed from this page. Whether you obtain a puppy from Chambray or from any other source, use the

48 years of my experiences with Labradors to come to a conclusion as to which breeder to trust with your newest member of the family!


Please read through all the pages that I have provided for you. If you would like to proceed with Chambray's Puppy Placement Process, then contact me via email.


EMAIL: chambraylabradors@yahoo.com

Check out a Chambray tradition.............the sandmound!

After a long days work, it's play time at Chambray

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Chambray Labradors Owner's Program

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 Below here you will learn how each judiciously produced  puppy will be matched up with the absolute best new family!

 How the

Puppy Placement Program


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With the Interview Process, we get to know each other.

This is where I learn all about each potential new Chambray owner.

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All great entities, companies and organizations must have CREDENTIALS...................here are our 49 years worth!

Credentials & Contact
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Chambray Guarantees

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only 5 litters a year that we produce and there are

over 1000 inquiries for those puppies!

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